Ontario Garbage Disposal Repair

One home appliance that is used every day yet often overlooked is your garbage disposal. It takes care of all your dirty business and you don’t have to deal with left over food! And yet every once in a while an innocent piece of silverware gets lost into the grinding abyss. Or even a chicken bone or two might find their way down there. What happens down there? How do you retrieve the lost item? What do you do if your garbage disposal is clogged? Call us at ProLine Plumbing and Rooter for any Ontario Garbage Disposal Repair!


  • Don’t put your hand down into the garbage disposal.
  • You shouldn’t pour chemicals into the garbage disposal either.
  • Don’t stick anything into the garbage disposal until you cut off the power.
  • You also shouldn’t to try unclogging the garbage disposal if you lost something valuable, like a ring. Call ProLine Plumbing and Rooter immediately!


  • Do use a flash light to check the inside of the garbage disposal visually or..
  • Try refering to the owners manual of the garbage disposal.
  • Do unplug the garbage disposal from the power source.
  • Try to use pliers to remove non food debris.