Menifee Drinking Water Systems

Water is part of our everyday life. We use it to hydrate ourselves, to shower, to clean dishes and infinitely more! Many families are considering installing drinking water systems in their homes. And for good reason, since there are many benefits to this decision! Why should you consider a drinking water system? Well, water that is free of contaminates and chemicals tastes much better and is healthier for you and your family. And getting one installed may be easier than you think! At ProLine Plumbing and Rooter, we’ll help you choose the system that best fits your home and family. We are the experts in Menifee Drinking Water Systems!

Drinking Water System Benefits

So what are all of the benefits of a drinking water system? According to one mid-western drinking water system company:

  • Removes sediment and suspended particles such as dirt, rust and algae that cause cloudy water (turbidity).

  • Reduces chlorine and chloramines (used in the municipal treatment process) that cause that “swimming pool” odor.

  • Reduces organic impurities like hydrogen sulfide, humic acid and other organic compounds that cause the musty, fishy, or “rotten egg” smell.

  • Minimizes harmful chemicals including lead, arsenic, radon, nitrates and more

  • Save money compared to single serve bottled water

  • Do your part to reduce the explosion of plastic introduced into our environment

  • Make better tasting and healthier coffee,  tea,  juice, and soups

Have healthier, happier pets and house plants (they love purified water


If you’re ready to make a change in how your family consumes water, give us a call today! We can’t wait to work with you!