Menifee Water Heater Repair

Temperatures are starting to drop in Menifee, California! Nothing beats coming home and into a nice hot shower. Also, with the holidays here, you may have family or friends staying over. Make sure your guests are comfortable too by fixing that water heater! Don’t put it off another day! Call American Plumbing and Rooter to make an appointment! We have expert technicians who know how to handle any water heater problem. We also do commercial and residential installations! And being centrally located in the Inland Empire, we are near to you wherever you are. American Plumbing and Rooter is here for any Menifee water heater repair!

According to, “A typical water heater consists of a large holding tank, with a 30 to 60 gallon capacity; a cold water intake; a hot water outlet; and a drain valve. Chances are that all of these components are at least partly visible if you were to go an examine your water heater as it currently is. Your water heater is probably the most costly component in your home’s plumbing system, but thankfully diagnosing and fixing the problems your water heater will likely experience are easy and not too costly.”

“The big exception and one of the worst water heater problems you can run into is a leaking tank. Unfortunately, once that happens, that tank is done and you will need to replace it. There are no fixes for a leaking water heater.”

We hope your water heater isn’t leaking. If it is though, we will help you examine all of your options. We’ll help you choose the best solution for you!