burning gasRiverside Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks can potentially be very dangerous. If you think you might have a gas leak, don’t delay in obtaining professional help. With American Plumbing and Rooter, we can help you locate and fix the any gas leak, big or small! We also offer quick response services! Call American Plumbing if you are in need of any Riverside gas leak detection.

That familiar rotten egg smell is the first sign of a gas leak. A fun fact is that gas does not have a naturally occurring smell. Manufacturers add the rotten egg smell because it’s an easily detectable odor. The first thing to do is to put out any open flame. Open flames can cause leaking gas to combust. Second, you should walk outside to get fresh air. If the leak is obviously, call 911.

Physical Symptoms of a Gas Leak

According to healthline.com, “Gas leaks change the amount of oxygen available. As you breathe in less oxygen, you may start to develop symptoms. If you or others in your family experience sudden and unexplained symptoms, there could be a gas leak in your home.”

Here are the symptoms you should look for:

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • eye and throat irritation
  • fatigue
  • breathing problems
  • pale skin or blisters, which only occur if skin comes in contact with compressed or liquid gas

“You may see the same symptoms in your pets if there is a gas leak. Extreme or high levels of exposure may also cause unconsciousness or death.”

If you have a gas leak, call the professionals! We have qualified technicians who have the right equipment and experience. As a family owned business, we take great pride in treating your business, building, or home like ours. We make every effort to solve your problem in a cost effective manner with minimal interruption and timely completion. When we’ve finished the job, we leave a clean and neat work site. Call us today!