Beaumont Slab Leak Repair

American Plumbing and Rooter is your choice for Beaumont Slab Leak Repair. Slab leaks are sneaky and not always recognized right away. If you find your water bill is strangely high or water is pooling mysteriously on the ground, it could be a slab leak. American Plumbing and Rooter has expert plumbers to locate and fix any slab leak! Putting off a slab leak repair can cost you in the long run in water damage repairs. Left untreated, they can cause serious damage to your home and compromise its structural integrity. So don’t put off repairing that slab leak!

What causes a slab leak? “Slab leaks occur when the pipes in your foundation become corroded. It can also happen if a pipe bursts. These are two of the main culprits,” states Master Repair Plumbing. “When slab leaks happen, it’s because the pipes in your foundation have pinhole leaks. These leaks are caused by corrosion, which can happen as a result of the home settling on the foundation. This issue is more prevalent in older homes. The older the home is, the more it has settled into its foundation, so the chances that the pipes in your foundation will burst are much higher.”

Here at American Plumbing and Rooter we even offer 24 hour emergency service. We are available at any hour that you need an emergency plumbing repair. We’re a full-service company, and have been providing professional plumbing services to residential and commercial properties for over 35 years.